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Recipes4aReason exists to create artisanal soups for nutrition, for taste, for convenience, for health.

Our founder’s husband passed away from pancreatic cancer, and as a caregiver, she experienced firsthand the stress of trying to balance having enough healthy food prepared with spending time with him each day. 

What We Do

We create and produce prepackaged, “clean” organic food made from specific ingredients purported to have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These products are created to make life easier for people with cancer or other illnesses, and can be considered a nutritious and convenient addition to anyone’s diet.

People who are ill aren’t always able to fix fresh, healthy food that helps build their strength to better fight disease. Our intent is to create healthy, convenient food options to make people’s lives – especially those of patients and caregivers – better and make healthy choices easier.

Our Team

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A Message From Our Founder

It is not easy being a caregiver to a cancer patient, not so great for the patient either. Having an extensive background in healthcare did not prepare me for the cancer “journey”.  My husband battled through a year of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to try to contain pancreatic cancer.  He did not win. He did succeed, however, in teaching me that quality time is holding a hand or watching a movie together, not cooking, washing dishes and obsessing over crumbs left on the kitchen counter.

I worked very hard to make sure he had “good” food available.  Trying to get a cancer patient to eat at all is hard work. To convince them that everything they eat matters and should be “healthy” and as fresh as possible is even harder, and I’m not sure I succeeded. But I did create a path.

My goal with Recipes4aReason is to prepackage fresh foods that have ingredients purported to be high in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help support your immune system so your body can be better prepared to fight cancer or other illnesses.  Most of all, I want to save the most precious commodity for patients and caregivers – time.

Recipes4aReason has built a team of experts to ensure we are knowledgeable in the most up-to-date research. We want to help work through the food maze for patients, and make one part of their day a little easier.

– Cynthia Dane